Difference between RJ45 and RJ11.

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RJ stands for Registered Jack and is standardised network interface to connect voice and data communication equipments.


RJ45 is new, modular, self-secured and compact. It uses 8 pin connectors to connect ethernet connectors and connect ethernet cables to different electronic devices.


RJ11 is used in conventional PSTN telephone networks. It uses 4 pin connectors to terminate the telephone wires. RJ11 is a common connector to plug a telephone into wall and handset into telephone.

Following are the important differences between RJ45 and RJ11.

Sr. No.KeyRJ55RJ11
1UsageRJ45 is used with ethernet cables.RJ11 is used with telephone cables.
2SizeRJ45 is larger in size.RJ11 is comparatively smaller in size.
3Supported BandwidthBandwidth upto 10 Gbps over ethernet is supported.Bandwidth upto 24 Mbps is supported.
4Connected wiresRJ45 connects 8 wires.RJ11 connects 4 wires.
5ConnectorRJ45 is 8P8C connector.RJ11 is 6P4C connector.
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