Difference Between Raster Scan and Random Scan

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In this post, we will understand the difference between raster scan and random scan −

Random Scan

  • The resolution of random scan is higher in comparison raster scan.

  • It is expensive in comparison to raster scan.

  • Any alterations can be done easily.

  • The concept of interweaving is not used.

  • A mathematical function is used to render an image or a picture.

  • It is suited for applications that require polygon drawings.

Raster Scan

  • The resolution of raster scan is lower in comparison to random scan.

  • It is inexpensive in comparison to random scan.

  • Alterations are difficult to make.

  • The concept of interweaving is used.

  • To render image or picture, pixels are used.

  • It is suitable to create realistic scenes.

Published on 24-Apr-2021 07:29:30