Difference Between Printer and Scanner

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In this post, we will understand the difference between a printer and a scanner −


  • It is a device that acquires the output (text and graphics) from a computer and generates a hard copy of it.

  • It is considered as an output device.

  • A digital document can be rendered on a paper by creating an impact or by using charges on a photosensitive material.

  • Examples of printers include Laser Printers, Solid Ink Printers, LED Printers, Business Inkjet Printers, Home Inkjet, Printers, and 3D Printers.

Following is a Laser Printer −


  • It is a device that scans the documents and converts them into a digital format.

  • It is considered as an input device.

  • An illuminating lamp is used on the scan head.

  • This helps reflect the light on the lens, which is focussed on a CCD array.

  • Examples of scanners include Flatbed, Sheet-fed, Handheld, and Drum scanners.

Following is a Scanner −

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