Difference between Organic Search and Paid Search

Organic Search

Organic Search results are unpaid section of a search result page which appears on search engine page based on their relevance to keyword searched. A website submits its entry to a search engine like google and then based on the contents of the website, search engine ranks the pages based on relevance and quality of content. Organic Search method takes time and lot of efforts to get a high rank in a search engine page.

Paid Search

Paid Search results are paid advertisements shown close to organic search results. Paid search ads are shown on highest priority and are shown on top or right/left bar of search engine result page. Search engines main earning sources are paid searches.

Following are the important difference between Organic Search and Paid Search.

Sr. No.KeyOrganic SearchPaid Search
1LocationOrganic Search results are shown in the middle of the search results.Paid Search results are on top of the search results.
2ClicksOrganic Search results are generally more clicked.Paid Search results are less time clicked than organic search results.
3ApproachIt is difficult and long process for a website to get to top results on an organic search results.Paid search are always on top of search results.
4Traffic/VisitorsBetter traffic of visitors coming to website because of organic search.Traffic is not high in paid searches.
5AvailabilityOrganic search is available for a long period till the website is provided uptodate and relevant contents.Paid per search is available till the contract time. Once time is over, search result will not appear.
6UsageAs a long term solution, organic search is preferred and it is more effective in long run.Paid searches are effective for short term. It is more effective when particular item is newly launched.

Updated on: 27-Nov-2019

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