Difference between oracle golden gate and oracle active guard in the oracle

Oracle golden gate and oracle active data guard is the data replication technologies. They both are used for data replication but with different strategy. 

As per the oracle docs −

Oracle Active Data Guard provides the best data protection and availability for Oracle Database in the simplest most economical manner by maintaining an exact physical replica of the production copy at a remote location that is open read-only while replication is active. 

GoldenGate is an advanced logical replication product that supports multi-master replication, hub and spoke deployment and data transformation, providing customers very flexible options to address the complete range of replication requirements. GoldenGate also supports replication between a broad range of heterogeneous hardware platforms and database management systems.

Sr. No.KeyOracle Golden GateOracle Data Guard



Data replication can be happened only heterogeneous database platforms 

Data replication can be happened only homogeneous database platforms 


        Data     Replication 

It supports multimaster and bidirectional support 

one-way replication

of a complete Oracle Database



It does not support data types such as XML and blob. 

No Restriction 


Transparency of backups

Only DATA which are replicated are similar to each other. It does not have transparency of backup

An Oracle Data Guard ,primary and standby are physically exact copies of each other.



No performance implication 

It has performance issue, if table does not has primary key  

Updated on: 21-Jan-2020

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