Difference between Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c is just upgraded version of the Oracle 11g with some new features like cloud support and pluggable database, kind of like master slave architecture. With the Oracle 12 c, you can plug your database to cloud anytime. It has multiple new features like JSON support, multitenant architecture and etc.

Sr. No.KeyOracle 11gOracle 12c
It was released in released in 2008 and has no pluggable database
It is High performance RDbMS which is released in 2014. It is pluggable database.
Identity column
We can't set primary key to raise automatically
We can set primary key to rise automatically.
JSON type
We can't store Json directly to the column as Oracle 11g doesn't have JSON column type.
Oracle has introduced JSON column type.
Cloud support
Oracle 11g doesn't have cloud services
It provides Oracle cloud services.
In-memory capabilities
No in-memory capabilities
It has in-memory capabilities.