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Difference between List and Array types in Kotlin

List and array are two popular collections supported by Kotlin. By definition, both these collections allocate sequential memory location. In this article, we will take an example to demonstrate the difference between these two types of collections.

ImplementationArray is implemented using Array<T> classList<T> or MutableList<T> interfaces are used to implement a List in Kotlin
MutableArray<T> is mutable, i.e., the values can be changed.List<T> is immutable in nature. In order to create a mutable list, MutableList<T> interface needs to be used.
SizeArray is of fixed size. It cannot increase and decrease in size.MutableList<T> do have 'add' and 'remove' functions in order to increase or decrease the size of the MutableList.
PerformanceUse it for better performance, as array is optimized for different primitive data types such as IntArray[], DoubleArray[].Use it for better accessibility in the code. As the size is dynamic in nature, hence good memory management.


In the following example, we will see how we can declare an array and a List in Kotlin and how we can manipulate the values of the same.

fun main(args: Array<String>) {

   val a = arrayOf(1, 2, 3)

   // Printing all the values of array a
   println("The Array contains:")

   val names = listOf("stud1", "stud2", "stud3")

   // Printing all the values of list names
The List contains: ")    names.forEach {       println(it)    }    var days: MutableList<String> = mutableListOf(       "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday",       "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday"    )    // Printing all the values of MutableList list    println("
Given Mutable List contains:")    days.forEach{       print(it)    }    println("

Mutable List after modification:")    days.forEach{       print(it + ", ")    } }


It will generate the following output −

The Array contains:

The List contains:

Given Mutable List contains:

Mutable List after modification:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,