Difference between JSON and XML

Both JSON and XML are the most popular data transversal resources in programming world.Due to their various important characteristics and features both of these resources are widely used globally.

On the basis of their features following are the important differences JSON and XML

1AbbreviationJSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.On other hand XML stands for Extensible Mark-up Language.
2TypeJSON format is data interchangeable.On other hand XML format is Mark-up language.
3Based onJSON is derived from JavaScript language from where it puts the feature to represents the data in a way of representing objects.On other hand XML is derived from SGML and uses tag structure to represent data items.
4Name-space and ArrayJSON does not provides any support for name-spaces but supports Arrays.On other hand supports name-spaces but does not support Arrays.
5SecuredJSON is less secured as compare to that of XML.On other hand XML is comparatively more secure than JSON.
5EncodingJSON supports only UTF-8 encoding.On other hand along with UTF-8 encoding XML also supports various other encoding.