Difference between Firewall and Anti-virus

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Both Firewall and Anti-virus are the two measures to protect the system from virus and other other trojans which can be primarily can get introduced or entered through network or external source when connected with system.External source may include hard disk,pen drive,compact disks etc..

On the basis of the vulnerabilities following are the main differences between Firewall and Anti-Virus.

Sr. No.KeyFirewallAnti-virus
1DefinitionFirewall can be defined as a special type of router or interface which examines all data packets are entering or leaving the network pass.These data packets must get passed through firewall and after examine firewall decide whether to allow or not.On other hand Anti-virus is a type of software which could be defined as a cyber security mechanism that has been used by many PCs and offices.Its primary function is to scan, spot, and inhibit any apprehensive or distrustful files and software from getting into the system.
2ImplementationFirewall for a system comes at both level i.e Software as well as Hardware so could be implemented in either of the way.On other hand Anti-virus only could be implemented at software level and no implementation at hardware level is possible in case of Anti-Virus.
3ResponsibilityAs mentioned in above point Firewall is responsible for authorization of data that is passed to the system from external source so main task of firewall is to Monitor and FilterOn other hand Anti-virus is responsible for scan corrupt files and software that has been installed or going to be install in the system and may get system slow or failure.
4ScalabilityAs Firewall could be implemented at Hardware as well as at Software level so is more scalable as compare to that of Anti-virus.On other hand Anti-Virus could only be implemented at Software level so is less scalable as compare to Firewall.
5ThreatsFirewall as mainly deals with the external network interaction so could have the external threats such as such as IP Spoofing and routing attacks.On other hand in case of Anti-Virus no such counter attacks are possible after removing the malware.
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