Difference between Ethernet and LAN

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Ethernet and LAN both are networks. Ethernet works as a base for LAN.

Following are the important differences between Ethernet and LAN.

Sr. No.KeyEthernetLAN
1DefinitionEthernet represents Prevalent Packet Switched LAN.LAN stands for Local Area Network.
2TopologyEthernet uses bus and star topology.LAN uses bus, star and ring topology.
3ControlEthernet control is decentralized.LAN control is centralized.
4Transmission MediaGuided Transmission media is used in Ethernet.Both guided and non-guided transmission media are used in LAN.
5ReliabilityEthernet reliability is low.LAN reliability is high.
6TransmissionLimitations appears in ethernet during transmission.No limitation problem in LAN during transmission.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 06:55:35