Difference between LAN and VLAN

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LAN, Local Area Network, is used to connect a group of networked devices to allow communication between them where as VLAN, Virtual LAN is used to enhance performance of multiple LANs.

Following are the important differences between LAN and VLAN.

1DefinitionLAN stands for Local Area Network.VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network.
2CostLAN Cost is high.VLAN Cost is low.
3LatencyLAN latency is high.VLAN latency is low.
4DevicesHubs, Routers and Switches are part of LAN.Bridge and Switches are part of VLAN.
5Packet BroadcastingIn LAN, packet are broadcast to each device.In VLAN, packets are sent to a specific broadcast domain.
6EfficiencyLAN is less efficient than VLAN.VLAN is more efficient than LAN.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 07:05:23