Difference between CPU and GPU

CPU and GPU are processor units. CPU is considered as the brain of the computer and consists of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) which stores the information, performs calculations and CU(Control Unit) which performs instructions and branching. GPU is used to enhanced the images, videos of the computer. It mainly have ALUs.

Following are the important differences between CPU and GPU.

1DefinitionCPU stands for Central Processing Unit.GPU stands for Graphical Processing Unit.
2EmphasisCPU focuses on low latency.GPU focuses on high throughput.
3Memory consumptionCPU consumes more memory than GPU.GPU memory requirements are low.
4SpeedCPU speed is less than GPU.GPU is faster than CPU.
5CoresCPU cores are powerfulGPU cores are comparatively less powerful.
6Serial Instruction ProcessingCPU suits more for Serial Instruction Processing.GPU is not suitable for Parallel Instruction Processing.
7Parallel Instruction ProcessingCPU is not suitable for Parallel Instruction Processing.GPU suits more for Parallel Instruction Processing.