Difference Between Constructor Injection and Setter Injection in Spring

Dependency Injection is a practice to pass dependent object to other objects. Spring has two types of Dependency Injection :

  • Constructor based Injection -When container call the constructor of the class. It should be used for mandatory dependencies.

Let’s say Class X is tightly  dependent on Class Y then we should use constructor based injection.  

  • Setter based Injection - It can be used by calling setter methods on your beans. It should be used for optional dependencies.

Both types of injection has their own pros and cons. Below is a list of some differences −

Sr. No.KeyConstructor based InjectionSetter based Injection
It doesn’t allow to create circular dependency
It doesn’t check the circular dependency
Constructor-based DI fixes the order in which the dependencies need to be injected.
Setter-based DI helps us to inject the dependency only when it is required, as opposed to requiring it at construction time.
MutilThread Environment  
Combining with final fields, constructor injection gives extra safety in multithreaded environment
No extra benefit in setter injection
Spring Code generation Library
Spring code generation library doesn’t support constructor injection so it will not be able to create proxy. It will force you to use no-argument constructor.  
Spring framework level code uses setter injection
Use Case
It should be used for mandatory dependencies
It should be used for optional dependencies.

Example of Constructor Injection

public class ConstructorInjectionExample {
   public ConstructorInjectionExample(BaseExmp baseExmp) {
      // ...
   <bean id = "ConstructorInjectionExample" class = "x.y.ConstructorInjectionExample">
   <constructor-arg ref = "baseExmp"/>

<bean id = "baseExmp" class = "x.y.BaseExmp"/>


Example of Setter Injection

public class SetterInjectionExample {

   public void setBaseExmp(BaseExmp baseExmp) {
      this.baseExmp = baseExmp;
   <bean id = "setterInjectionExample" class = "x.y.SetterInjectionExample">
   <property name = "baseExmp" ref = "baseExmp"/>


Updated on: 09-Sep-2020

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