Difference between CD and DVD

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CD and DVD both are high definition, high storage devices.

Following are the important differences between CD and DVD.

1DefinitionCD stands for Compact Disk.DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk.
2SizeCD size is 700 MB.DVD size ranges from 4.7 GB to 17 GB.
3Recording LayerRecording layer or metal layer is close to top of the disk.Recording layer or metal layer is close to middle of the disk.
4PitsCD have single layer of pits.DVD have double layers of pits.
5Space between loopsSpace between spiral loops is 1.6 micrometer in CD.Space between spiral loops is 0.74 micrometer in DVD.
6Space between pitsSpace between pits is 0.834 micrometer in CD.Space between pits is 0.40 micrometer in DVD.
7Correction codeCIRC and EFMP are used as error correction code.RS-PC and EFMplus are used as error correction code.
8Data Transfer RateData Transfer Rate is 1.4 to 1.6 Mb/Sec.Data Transfer Rate is 11 Mb/Sec.
9Channel Bit LengthChannel Bit Length in CD is 300 nanometer.Channel Bit Length in CD is 113 nanometer.
10Numeric ApertureNumeric Aperture of CD is 0.45.Numeric Aperture of DVD is 0.6.
11ThicknessCD thickness is 1.2 mm.DVD thickness is 0.6 mm.
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