Difference Between CAD and CAM

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In this post, we will understand the difference between CAD and CAM −


  • It stands for Computer Aided Design.

  • It is the process of using computers to designing models of physical products.

  • They help create design, modify the design and analyse the activity.

  • It is also known as Computer Aided Drafting.

  • It makes 2D drawings of technical aspects and 3D models.

  • It is generally used by engineers.

  • it is accurate, easy to use, and helps in quick drafting.

  • It is used to represent the geometric part of the computer.

  • Examples of CAD software include AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Solid Works.


  • It stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing.

  • It is a software that helps control machine tools in the process of manufacturing modules.

  • It helps transform the engineering designs into fully grown end products.

  • It helps implement automation in the process of manufacturing.

  • It is also known as Computer Aided Modelling or Machining.

  • The purpose is to use 3D models to design machining processes.

  • It converts the geometry into machine tool.

  • CAM depends on CAD.

  • It is generally used by a trained machinist.

  • Examples of CAM software include Work NC, Siemens NX, Power MILL, SolidCAM.

Published on 29-Apr-2021 06:28:22