Difference Between Applet and Application

In this post, we will understand the difference between Applet and Application.


  • They are similar to Java programs.

  • They can be executed independently without using web browser.

  • It requires a ’main’ function for it to be executed.

  • Java applications have full access to local file system and network.

  • They can access all kinds of resources that are available to the system.

  • They can execute the programs with the help of the local system.

  • An application program is required when a task needs to be directly performed for the user.


  • They are small Java programs.

  • They have been designed to be included with HTML documents.

  • They need Java enabled web browser to be executed.

  • It doesn’t need a main function to get executed.

  • It doesn’t have local disk and network access.

  • It can access the browser specific services only.

  • They can’t access the local system.

  • They can’t execute programs from local machines.

  • It is required to perform small tasks or it can be used as a part of a task.