Developing Creativity Tutorial

Developing Creativity Tutorial

Creativity, unlike what people often feel, is not exclusively an innate quality gifted only to a few selected people. It is true that some people are born with prodigious amounts of creativity, but the truth is that creativity is present in everyone. Interestingly, creativity can be learnt, nurtured, and practiced by interactive techniques. This is the reason why the scientific community wants Creativity to be taught as a part of the educational process, so that young minds can see and offer different points of view to standard norms. In this tutorial, we will discuss all the areas that creativity influences and how to nurture it in one’s career path.


More the creative abilities of the people, the more creative results they tend to achieve. Once people start thinking beyond the standard problem-solving modes, they begin to consider a wide range of alternatives to their problems. This tutorial will motivate all those readers who seek creative solutions to problems and in turn increase their productivity and quality of output.


This tutorial was designed to identify the differences between general problem solving methods and creative problem solving methods. The readers need to have a basic knowledge about the various organizational scenarios that people may face at their workplace.