Despite being a good performer, my manager doesn’t like me? How to impress him?

Employees’ relationship with the manager is a critical predictor of one’s experience at work. Where good relationships result in getting interesting projects, recognition for the contribution and meaningful feedback, bad relationships does the opposite.

  • In order to build an effective relationship at the workplace, and especially with the manager, performance plays a very crucial role. But since you have already indicated yourself as a good performer in the question, consider your foundation as a sound one. Good going!

  • Now, you have to be careful about any signs that show you as incapable. Therefore, it is suggested that you shouldn’t ask too many questions from the manager else he would feel that you don’t know anything.

  • Instead, you should understand the situation and state what you understood along with the approach you are going to take.

  • It is important for you to be assertive as well as clear when taking any decision or sharing your opinions. A confident mindset would show your manager that you are capable. On the other hand, if you are not able to connect with your boss on a personal level then it is important to establish small links with him that would bring you together.

  • You can start with open dialogues such as how you would consider this situation or what experiences have influenced you to shape your thinking, etc. It is important that you listen to your boss and learn from his experiences.

  • Taking his suggestions into consideration as well as sharing your opinions with him before implementing it will represent you as a capable team player and help you connect with him better.