Deep Learning with Keras - Setting up Project

With this background, let us now start creating the project.

Setting Up Project

We will use Jupyter through Anaconda navigator for our project. As our project uses TensorFlow and Keras, you will need to install those in Anaconda setup. To install Tensorflow, run the following command in your console window:

>conda install -c anaconda tensorflow

To install Keras, use the following command −

>conda install -c anaconda keras

You are now ready to start Jupyter.

Starting Jupyter

When you start the Anaconda navigator, you would see the following opening screen.

Starting Jupyter

Click ‘Jupyter’ to start it. The screen will show up the existing projects, if any, on your drive.

Starting a New Project

Start a new Python 3 project in Anaconda by selecting the following menu option −

File | New Notebook | Python 3

The screenshot of the menu selection is shown for your quick reference −

Starting New Project

A new blank project will show up on your screen as shown below −

Digit Recognition

Change the project name to DeepLearningDigitRecognition by clicking and editing on the default name “UntitledXX”.

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