Database Testing – Recovery


Database recovery testing is used to ensure that the database is recovered. Recovery testing allows you to find out whether the application is running properly and to check retrieving invaluable data that would have been lost if your recovery method is not properly setup.

You also check if several critical processes are running smooth to ensure that the data recovery will pass smoothly through the testing phase.

You can perform the following checks for database recovery −

  • Any errors or mistakes in the backup software and you need to resolve these issues at an earlier stage.

  • You need to conduct the recovery testing so that you will know what to do in case of an emergency situation.

  • You need to check recovery testing needs so that you can plan for an effective recovery strategy.

  • You should also know how you can recover the documents.

You need to run the recovery tests in early phase of the project. This allows you to remove and throw away every type of errors from the system. Here is a list of some of important points, which should be considered at the time of testing −

  • Time span when changes or modifications occurs in database system.

  • The period by which you want your recovery plan conducted.

  • The sensitivity of data in database system. More critical the data is, the more regularly you will need to test the software.

Common Steps in Database Backup and Recovery Testing

In database recovery testing, you need to run the test in the actual environment to check if the system or the data can actually be recovered in case of any disasters and any other unforeseen events in the business environment.

Given below are the common actions performed in Database Recovery Testing −

  • Testing of database system
  • Testing of the SQL files
  • Testing of partial files
  • Testing of data backup
  • Testing of Backup tool
  • Testing log backups