Database Testing – Processes


The process to perform database testing is similar to testing of other applications. DB testing can be described with key processes given below.

  • Set up the environment
  • Run a test
  • Check the test result
  • Validate according to the expected results
  • Report the findings to the respective stakeholders

Various SQL statements are used to develop the Test cases. The most common SQL statement, which is used to perform DB testing, is the Select statement. Apart from this, various DDL, DML, DCL statements can also be used.

Example − Create, Insert, Select, Update, etc.

Database Testing Stages

DB testing is not a tedious process and includes various stages in database testing lifecycle in accordance with the test processes.

The key stages in database testing are −

  • Checking the initial state
  • Test run
  • Outcome validation as per expected result
  • Generating the results

First stage in DB Testing is to check the initial state of the database before starting the testing process. Then database behavior is tested for defined test cases. In accordance with the results obtained, test cases are customized.

For successful database testing, the workflow given below is executed by every single test.

  • Cleaning up the database − If there is testable data in the database, it should be emptied.

  • Set up Fixture − This involves entering the data into the database and check the current state of the database.

  • Perform test, verify results and generate results − The Test is run and the output is verified. If the output is as per expected results, the next step is to generate the results as per requirement. Otherwise, testing is repeated to find the bugs in database.