Database Testing – Data Mapping


Data mapping in a database is one of the key concept that needs to be validated by every tester. Usually the testers have to verify the user interface front end field mapping with the corresponding back end database field.

This information is given in Software requirement specification or business requirement specification SRS/BRS document. If mapping is not provided, then you need to check the coding part.

When you take any action in the front end application, there is a corresponding CRUD action get invoked, and tester have to check the every invoked action is successful or not.

Key Aspects of Data Mapping

Given below are the key aspects of Data Mapping −

  • To check the fields in the UI/Front end forms and mapped consistently with the corresponding DB table. This mapping information is defined in the requirements documents as mentioned above.

  • For any action performed in the front end of an application, a corresponding CRUD ‘Create, Retrieve, Update and delete’ action gets initiated at the back end.

  • A tester will have to check if the right action is invoked and the invoked action in itself is successful or not.

Steps in Data Mapping Testing

Given below are the steps followed for Data Mapping Testing −

  • Step 1 − First check for syntax error in each script.

  • Step 2 − Next is to check for table mapping, column mapping, and data type mapping.

  • Step 3 − Verify lookup data mapping.

  • Step 4 − Run each script when records do not exist in destination tables.

  • Step 5 − Run each script when the records already exist in the destination tables.