Dart Programming - Overview

Dart is an object-oriented language with C-style syntax which can optionally trans compile into JavaScript. It supports a varied range of programming aids like interfaces, classes, collections, generics, and optional typing.

Dart can be extensively used to create single-page applications. Single-page applications apply only to websites and web applications. Single-page applications enable navigation between different screens of the website without loading a different webpage in the browser. A classic example is GMail ─ when you click on a message in your inbox, browser stays on the same webpage, but JavaScript code hides the inbox and brings the message body on screen.

Google has released a special build of Chromium – the Dart VM. Using Dartium means you don’t have to compile your code to JavaScript until you’re ready to test on other browsers.

The following table compares the features of Dart and JavaScript.

Feature Dart JavaScript
Type system Optional, dynamic Weak, dynamic
Classes Yes, single inheritance Prototypical
Interfaces Yes, multiple interfaces No
Concurrency Yes, with isolates Yes, with HTML5 web workers

This tutorial provides a basic level understanding of the Dart programming language.