Current Affairs: Everything You Need to Know While Preparing for UPSC


Any candidate who is preparing for UPSC knows the importance of current affairs in the examination, and that's why to stay updated with what is happening all across the globe, candidates always follow newspapers and online websites. But most of them do not know which are the best websites to follow.

If you also want to know this, then stay with us in today's article, because we are going to tell you which are the best websites for current affairs under UPSC.

So let's start-

Why Are Current Affairs an Important Part of UPSC Preparation?

Current affairs are an important point of UPSC preparation for many reasons. Which focuses on the relevance and factual knowledge of the exam. At the same time, it also concentrates on applying it to current events.

That's why having a good understanding of current affairs helps in answering questions related to aspects of governance, international relations, the economy, etc.

Multidimensional Approach

Current affairs are not limited to just one subject or topic, but it includes a wide range of issues like politics, economics, science, technology, social issues, international relations, environmental issues, etc. Through its medium, candidates can develop a multidimensional approach toward the exam and learn about various topics.

Dynamic Nature of the Exam

UPSC exam is constantly evolving, and its syllabus is updated frequently. Current affairs form a major part of the dynamic curriculum, and the candidates must be abreast of the latest events and developments to be well-prepared for the examination.

Interview Stage

Knowledge of current affairs is important not only for the written exams but also for the interview stage. The interview panel may ask questions related to current affairs and a good understanding of the same helps the candidates to perform better in the interview.

For all these reasons current affairs play an important role in the UPSC preparation process.

How Can I Stay Updated With The Latest Happenings For The UPSC Exam?

Here are a few sources to stay updated with the latest current affairs for UPSC exams −

Newspaper magazine.News websites.
The official UPSC website.Social media.
TV news channels.Online forum discussion groups.
The current affairs app.Compile weekly or monthly current affairs.

What Are the Different Types of Current Affair Topics That Are Usually Asked in the UPSC Exam?

We have given you a list of various topics asked about UPSC Current Affairs below.

Indian PolityIndian EconomyEnvironmental Issues
National Security and DefenseScience and TechnologyInternational Relations
Government Schemes and PoliciesIndian Culture and HeritageArt and Literature
Sports and GamesSocial Justice and EmpowermentWomen and Child Development
Disaster ManagementCyber SecurityAgriculture and Rural Development
Infrastructure DevelopmentSpace Science and ExplorationHealth and Medicine
Education and Skill DevelopmentGovernance and AdministrationEthics and Integrity in Public Service
Human Rights and Social IssuesFinancial and Economic ReformsIndustrial Development
Judicial ReformsFederalism and Center-State RelationsPublic Policy and Implementation
Urbanization and Smart CitiesSustainable Development GoalsTourism and Hospitality
Water Management and ConservationEnergy and Power SectorInternational Organizations and Treaties
Geopolitics and Regional ConflictsInternational Trade and CommerceSocial Media and its impact
Demographics and CensusLabor and EmploymentElections and Electoral Reforms
Banking and Financial InstitutionsPublic Health ChallengesTransportation and Logistics
Corruption and Anti-Corruption MeasuresSpace Technology and ApplicationsIndustry 4.0 and Digital India
Science Communication and EducationRenewable Energy and Climate ChangeIntellectual Property Rights
Innovation and EntrepreneurshipMedia and Democracy.

What Are the Sources of Current Affairs That One Should Refer to For UPSC Preparation?

We have given below the top 10 sources of current affairs which you can use for UPSC preparation-

  • The Hindu News Paper: It is a widely respected and comprehensive newspaper that covers national and international news and political affairs.

  • The Indian Express: Another leading newspaper, The Indian Express covers a wide range of topics including politics, economics, science, and international relations.

  • Yojana Patrika: A monthly magazine published by the Government of India that provides an in-depth analysis of various issues related to socio-economic development.

  • Kurukshetra Patrika: A monthly magazine published by the Ministry of Rural Development that focuses on rural development issues and policies.

  • Press Information Bureau: Press Information Bureau is a government agency that provides daily news updates such as press releases and other official information related to government policies and schemes.

  • Rajya Sabha TV and Lok Sabha TV: As two television channels, Rajya Sabha TV and Lok Sabha TV telecast live debates and discussions of various issues in the proceedings of the Parliament of India.

  • All India Radio News: It is a radio station that provides daily news updates in multiple languages including Hindi and English.

  • Twitter: It is a social media platform that provides current affairs regarding government officials, journalists, and news lists to stay updated on current affairs.

  • PRS Legislative Research: It is an independent research institute that provides information on parliamentary proceedings, legislative acts, and other policy-related issues.

  • Online Current Affairs Portals: Jagranjosh, Current Affairs Cloud, and GKTude are the websites that provide daily current affairs updates, quizzes, and study material for UPSC and other competitive exams.

Best Websites to Follow for Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Some websites are best to collect current affairs information for the UPSC exam; whose list we have provided below-

The HinduIndian ExpressLivemint
Economic TimesPress Information Bureau (PIB)Rajya Sabha TV
Lok Sabha TVAll India Radio NewsNDTV
Times of IndiaHindustan TimesBusiness Standard
BBC News IndiaAl Jazeera EnglishThe Diplomat
World Bank IndiaUnited Nations IndiaMinistry of Home Affairs
Ministry of External AffairsMinistry of FinanceMinistry of Defence
Ministry of Health and Family WelfareMinistry of Environment, Forest and Climate ChangeMinistry of Science and Technology
Ministry of EducationMinistry of Women and Child DevelopmentMinistry of Rural Development
Ministry of Commerce and IndustryMinistry of Information and BroadcastingPRS Legislative Research.

What Is the Role of Current Affairs in The UPSC Interview Process?

Current affairs play an important role in the interview process, as it helps the interviewing panel to assess the candidate's awareness and understanding on important issues, events, topics, and developments in the country and around the world.

The interview panel looks for a candidate who has a comprehensive understanding of current affairs, and who can analyze and articulate his/her opinion on various issues. The panels also look for candidates who can relate current affairs to their optional subjects.

Current affairs help the interviewing panel to evaluate the candidate's personality attitude and content suitable for civil services for how one can use this knowledge to contribute to the society and country. That is why, candidates must stay updated with the latest news and develop a deep understanding of the important issues, events, and developments that are relevant to civil services.


Q1. How can I use current affairs information to prepare for the UPSC main essay paper?

Ans. You can use current affairs knowledge to prepare for the UPSC mains paper by staying updated on the latest developments in various fields like politics, economics, international relations, social issues, and science and technology.

You can analyze and evaluate the impact of the works of development on the society as a whole and the patriots. This will help you get a comprehensive and balanced take on various issues that you can use to write an effective essay.

Q2. What is the difference between national and international current affairs topics for UPSC preparation?

Ans. National current affairs topics are related to issues and events that affect a country or a specific region within a country. While international deals with important issues and events, that affect countries around the world. It is important to have equal knowledge and understanding of both the current affairs for UPSC preparation.

Q3. What is the role of opinion and analysis in current affairs topics for UPSC preparation?

Ans. Opinion and analysis of current affairs play an important role in UPSC preparation as it helps the candidates to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and their development impact on society and the country.

Feedback and analysis also help candidates to formulate their perspectives on various issues, which is important for answering essay questions and other on-person components for UPSC exams.

Q4. How can I use current affairs information to develop my views and perspectives on national and international issues?

Ans. To develop your views and perspective on national and international issues, you must read a variety of news sources and analyze different viewpoints on the same issue.

You should also evaluate the evidence and critical opinion presented, and try to understand the underlying causes and implications of various developments and events.

By doing this, you can develop a well-informed and balanced opinion on various issues, which UPSC also demands.

Updated on: 13-Apr-2023


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