Count divisible pairs in an array in C++

We are given an array of any size containing integer elements and the task is to calculate the count of pairs in an array such that one element of a pair divides another element of a pair.

Arrays a kind of data structure that can store a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the same type. An array is used to store a collection of data, but it is often more useful to think of an array as a collection of variables of the same type.

For Example

Input − int arr[] = {1, 2, 3, 6}
Output − count is 4

Explanation − (1,2), (1,3), (1,6) and (3,6) are the pairs in which one element of a pair divides another as 1 can divide any number and also 3 divides 6. So the count is 4.

Input − int arr[] = {2, 5, 10}
Output − count is 2

Explanation − (2, 10) and (5,10) are the pairs in which one element of a pair divides another as 2 can divide 10 and also 5 can divide 10. So the count is 2.

Approach used in the below program is as follows

  • Create an array let’s say, arr[]

  • Calculate the length of an array using the length() function that will return an integer value as per the elements in an array.

  • Take a temporary variable that will store the count of elements present only in an array.

  • Start loop for with i to 0 and i less than size of an array

  • Inside the loop start another loop with j to i+1 till j less than size

  • Inside the loop check if arr[i] % arr[j] = 0 or arr[j] % arr[i] = 0 then increment the count

  • Return the count

  • Print the result.


 Live Demo

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int divisibles(int a[], int size){
   int result = 0;
   // Iterating through all pairs
   for (int i=0; i<size; i++){
      for (int j=i+1; j<size; j++){
         if (a[i] % a[j] == 0 || a[j] % a[i] == 0){
   return result;
int main(){
   int a[] = {1, 4, 7, 8, 9};
   int size = sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0]);
   cout <<"count is " <<divisibles(a, size);
   return 0;


If we run the above code we will get the following output −

count is 5

Updated on: 15-May-2020


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