Conversion Rate Optimization - Myths


Though a lot of people know the potential of Conversion Rate Optimization, still there exists hype and misconceptions about CRO.

Debunking Myths

  • CRO Uses Best Practices − Conversion Rate Optimization is not just following best practices. It is also about implementing what is a boon for your business. It is a thorough analysis based on insights and testing. As mentioned in the previous chapter, a CTA (call-to-action) button in red color may not work for all.

  • Long Copies are not Attractive − It is never a fact. Long copies may be attractive if they are clear, succinct and engaging. It is not always true that users don't scroll or read. Users are genuinely interested in information if you have authentic information for them. What is required is uncluttered and easy to navigate landing page.

  • The Replica of Successful Company Works − NOT ALWAYS!! Conversion rate optimization simply declutters your website, making it cleaner. Lame keywords may bring down your conversion even if it is copied from a brand name. You need analysis, surveys and testing to get better results.

  • Conversion Should Only be the Targeted Metric − Getting more and more visitors to your website is extremely important. Conversion should be your goal but visitors recurring data and how frequently they visit should also be analyzed along way. This shows how benefitting is your website for the users. Fostering engagement means quality and fulfilling website and business.