Conversion Rate Optimization - Landing Page


In this chapter, we will discuss in detail what a landing page is, what are its uses and also how to create one.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing page is any page where a visitor lands when guided through any channel. For instance, a person after clicking a paid advertisement lands on a page. That is a landing page. It is an entry point of any website, irrespective of the category it belongs to. When marketing a specific campaign, we need to create a well laid, dedicated landing page. It helps us in conversion and to engage your potential buyers before converting.

Most of the people mistake the Homepage as a landing page. The Homepage is designed to provide a general structure of your business. It is loaded with images and links endorsing your brand and guiding you to internal pages. It is basically meant to traverse. For a specific purpose, separate landing pages are created.

Landing pages are basically of the following two types −

  • Lead generation Landing Pages.
  • Click through Landing Pages.

Lead generation pages are designed with a lead generation form. When a user lands on this page then the first call to action for the user is to fill the lead form.

Click through landing pages are used in any of the ecommerce companies. A user lands on a product page but that page does not complete the goal. The user needs to go to the payment page for completing the goal.

Need for Landing Pages

We wish to convert the user once he arrives on our page. But it doesn’t happen all the time, rather I would say maximum number of times. They don’t purchase in one attempt and without exploring other websites of the same product. Landing pages are desired here. You need to access the visitor’s contact details and adding them to your sale funnel pipe. Once you have the visitor’s details you may send him e-letters, brochures, great deals, etc. to foster sale. Having more landing pages increases your sale by 50%.

Creating Landing Pages

While creating landing pages keep yourself in the customer’s shoes. Know your business objectives, your audience and their needs. How they may respond to your page. Set the actionables accordingly. Lay it in a format which is hassle-free for a customer to navigate. Make it compelling, attractive, informative and easy to read. Use quality content targeted with main keywords.

Landing Page Tips −

  • Use the first fold of the page. Visitors do not scroll down always in search of actionable buttons.
  • Make use of images and videos.
  • Include a focusable call-to-action button.
  • Use titles related to your CTA.
  • Keep it less messy.
  • Include offers and value propositions.
  • Include testimonials and other social proofs that validate your website.
  • Highlight third-party endorsements. Trusted brand seal on your website confer trust.

Landing Page SEO

The Search Engine Optimization of the page should be done in a proper way. The title tag as well as the entire content should be optimized with keywords. There should also be back linking, internal linking of the page for better results. Another way is also to optimize the Heading tags.

Design of the Landing Page

The design plays an important role in the landing page. Proper competitor’s research should be done. Call-to-action button should be placed in the first fold. If any landing page has a form, then the form should be placed in the first fold itself.

A/B Testing

When you are confused with two different designs for a landing page which one you have to choose. Try the A/B Testing as it will help in resolving your problem and open a new opportunity for improvement of the landing page.

Optimize Existing Field on the Landing Page

Optimize the existing fields of a landing page. If a form has a lot of fields then first optimize that form. Remove the unnecessary fields from the form. Make the form simple and easy to read, so that form completion rate may be higher.

Optimize Call-to-Action Button

Optimize call-to-action button by the button size, text on the button, color of the button or placement of the button. If we improve these things for the call to action button, then the conversion rate should be improved.

Avoid the following

  • Lying to customers.
  • Putting up forms and buttons that are not required.
  • Putting up frustrating pop-ups.
  • Automatic music that starts on its own. It is a turn-off for a customer.

Keep analyzing the data. This will let you know if it is optimized or not. If your numbers improve, you are on the successful way to optimization. If they do not, then focus again. Re-review all the steps to find out the issue and try fixing them up.