Computer Security - Terminologies


In this chapter, we will discuss about the different terminology used in Computer Security.

  • Unauthorized access − An unauthorized access is when someone gains access to a server, website, or other sensitive data using someone else's account details.

  • Hacker − Is a Person who tries and exploits a computer system for a reason which can be money, a social cause, fun etc.

  • Threat − Is an action or event that might compromise the security.

  • Vulnerability − It is a weakness, a design problem or implementation error in a system that can lead to an unexpected and undesirable event regarding security system.

  • Attack − Is an assault on the system security that is delivered by a person or a machine to a system. It violates security.

  • Antivirus or Antimalware − Is a software that operates on different OS which is used to prevent from malicious software.

  • Social Engineering − Is a technique that a hacker uses to stole data by a person for different for purposes by psychological manipulation combined with social scenes.

  • Virus − It is a malicious software that installs on your computer without your consent for a bad purpose.

  • Firewall − It is a software or hardware which is used to filter network traffic based on rules.