Comparison between Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing

Bluetooth is a service that helps in sharing data between multiple devices. We communicate with our computers or any other mobile devices with the help of Bluetooth. Also, it allows us to have a conversation without wires. Nowadays, Bluetooth wireless earphones are there that you can use to listen to music and for discussions. The only problem with these Bluetooth devices is that they have their specific range connected with other devices.


Bluejacking works in a similar way to that of Bluetooth. It is used for sending unlicensed messages to the other Bluetooth device. Bluetooth is the shortrange wireless technology for interchanging the data between mobile phones, mobile computers, and other electronic gadgets.


Bluesnarfing moves from taking the information from a device in an unlawful manner connected to the Bluetooth connection. In this, it is the problem that Bluetooth has created where people can easily steal out data.

Comparison between Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing

The following table highlights the major differences between Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing −

Devices that Bluetooth connects can send unidentified messages between the devices. This technology of sending messages from one device to another is known as Bluejacking.When the two devices are connected by Bluetooth technology, you can share someone's information in an unidentified way which is a kind of hacking is known as Bluesnarfing.
It does not need any carrier.It also does not need any carrier.
Bluejack is used to send nameless messages to devices that are connected with a Bluetooth connection.Bluetooth devices which are activated information are stolen from it by Bluesnarfing.
As bluejacking does not involve any stealing, therefore, it is not illegal.Bluesnarfing is illegal, as it does involve stealing of data.
In Bluejacking, the user does not have to suffer any cost.In Bluesnarfing, the user does not have to suffer any cost.
Bluejacker sends the information.In Bluesnarfing, the information is received.
It is difficult to trace a Bluejacker.It is equally difficult to trace a Bluesnarfer.
Bluetooth must be in ON mode in both the Bluejacker's device and the connected device.Bluetooth device is in ON mode, both in Bluesnarfer's device and the connected device.

Bluetooth must be in switch-off mode when not in use. Bluetooth-enabled devices can sometimes be unsafe, as it is easy to connect to a mobile device and abstract the contact information, emails, messages, pictures, videos, etc.

Updated on: 07-Sep-2021


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