CodeIgniter - Application Profiling

When building a web application, we are very much concerned about the performance of the website in terms of how much time the controller took to execute and how much memory is used. Not only the performance, but we also need to see the insights of data like POST data, data of database queries, session data etc. for debugging purpose while developing some application. CodeIgniter has made this job easier for us by profiling an application.

Enable Profiling

To enable profiling of your application, simply execute the command given below in any of the method of your controller.


The report of the profiling can be seen at the bottom of the page after enabling it.

Disable Profiling

To disable profiling of your application, simply execute the command given below in any of the method of your controller.


Enable / Disable Profiler Section

Profiling can be done on section basis. You can enable or disable profiling of a section by setting a Boolean value TRUE or FALSE. If you want to set profiling on the application then you can do in a file located in application/config/profiler.php

For example, the following command will enable profiling queries for the whole application.

$config['queries'] = TRUE;

In the following table, the key is the parameter, which can be set in the config array to enable or disable a particular profile.

Key Description Default


Elapsed time of Benchmark points and total execution time TRUE


CodeIgniterConfig variables TRUE


The Controller class and method requested TRUE


Any GET data passed in the request TRUE


The HTTP headers for the current request TRUE


Amount of memory consumed by the current request, in bytes TRUE


Any POST data passed in the request TRUE


Listing of all database queries executed, including execution time TRUE


The URI of the current request TRUE


Data stored in the current session TRUE


The number of queries after which the query block will default to hidden. 25

The profiler set in the file in application/config/profiler.php can be overridden by using the set_profiler_sections() function in controllers as shown below.

$sections = array( 
   'config'  => TRUE, 
   'queries' => TRUE