Cloud Network Engineer

Engineers in the cloud networking field have many ways to help businesses and other entities move to more flexible and powerful public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Rising engineers would do well to explore taking on a role of leadership in the cloud computing industry. The demand for cloud computing services and infrastructure is rising as customers seek novel business solutions. Engineers working in the cloud help organisations and their customers maintain and develop their cloud-based registration capabilities.

A Role for a Network Engineer in the Cloud

An experienced cloud network engineer handles the Google Cloud network architecture. Companies require skilled workers to integrate different IT systems in order to deploy hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. This person could contribute to cloud groups with draughtsmen who configure cloud frameworks or engage in systems management.

The following is a case-by-case customised list of typical job tasks for a Cloud Network Engineer −

  • Support customers in setting up their networks and keeping track of their needs.

  • Responsible for resolving network accessibility issues, including creating and modifying NAT tunnels and firewall rules.

  • Provide cloud architects with the resources they need to help businesses and customers customise the availability and delivery of distributed computing services to meet their unique needs in terms of both business and technology.

  • Assist clients in finishing data stream diagrams correctly so you can provide accurate company availability.

  • Coordinate with other institutions and firewall groups to arrange for major adjustments.

  • Spine connections on ExpressRoute (Azure) and a number of direct BPE connections to the CSR1000 are managed and supported by DirectConnect (AWS).

  • Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of monitoring solutions for AWS, Windows, and Linux servers.

  • Presents current foundation status and future objectives.

  • Review and take decisive action based on events recorded by your Network Monitoring Tool and Web Application Firewall using the Authorized Tool.

  • Responsible for doing research to determine the root cause of problems.

  • Update, patch, and reconfigure the network infrastructure as needed.

  • Adapt the organisational structure and the framework you're creating for the client to their current situation with your expert guidance.

  • Experts, if they so want, can specialise in a certain field thanks to the fact that there are many different aspects of cloud network design jobs.

A company with an existing cloud infrastructure can hire a designer to monitor and enhance it, while a company with a more conventional infrastructure can hire a cloud expert to build a private cloud infrastructure from the ground up. As cloud computing continues to grow in popularity, it is expected that more cloud network engineers will be in need over the next decade.

Jobs and Responsibilities

A cloud network engineer acts as an intermediary between traditional enterprise LANs and newer private cloud and public cloud deployments. Typically, a cloud network engineer will report to a higher-level IT staff member or business contact, such as the head of cloud activities, and will be responsible for the deployment, configuration, maintenance, and support of cloud-based operations and services.

Cloud network engineers have a lot of challenges when it comes to distributing resources and services across hybrid cloud infrastructures that combine public and private clouds. This allows organisations the chance and flexibility to grow in both usefulness and adaptability. Typical responsibilities include −


Collaborate with engineers, architects, and IT support staff to develop and maintain audit and compliance paperwork, cloud network documentation, and training materials.


To ensure the safety of data stored in the cloud, you must assist with its design, implementation, and compliance measures.


All the components necessary to set up, maintain, and keep an eye on a network are part of this.


Keep an eye on how everything is going with the cloud network and its services in terms of consumption, performance, and accessibility.


Management, including software and operating system upgrades, security patches, and general upkeep of the underlying network upon which a private or hybrid cloud relies.

Salary trends for cloud network engineers in the US and India

Engineers that specialize in cloud computing can also expect to earn substantial compensation. Payscale reports that the average salary for a cloud computing engineer in the United States is around $116,800 per year, whereas in India, the salary is closer to 6,66,800 per year. When you first enter an entry-level position, you may be offered a lower salary, but as your skills develop, you will likely be paid more. When you contract out your services as a consultant and employ field architects to liaise with clients, you have complete control over how much money you spend and which projects you take on. Whether you're just starting out, seeking to transition into cloud engineering from the world of enterprise architecture, or are already an expert in the field of distributed computing and data transfer, a field designer can help you reach the next level of your career.

Qualifications needed for a Cloud Network Engineer

Improved Internet connectivity and consistent WAN transfer speeds make it simpler to move critical board organizing tasks to the cloud. Because computing resources are pooled and made available to clients in the cloud, cloud computing is synonymous with networking. As a result, there has been a rise in enthusiasm for cloud organizing as customers look for less complicated approaches to setting up and connecting to networks in the cloud. The cloud engineer might also be responsible for formulating plans to make sure the company is adaptable to customer needs by developing automated change processes. This has prompted a trend towards centralizing administrative functions on the cloud, where fewer user devices are responsible for maintaining the network. Hence, while cloud engineering is primarily concerned with systems administration in the cloud, familiarity with the fundamentals of systems administration and virtual organizations is essential.


If you're a recruiter or HR manager looking to hire the most qualified cloud network engineer, you'll want to post a detailed job description in order to attract the finest candidates. Using the aforementioned template as a guide, you can accurately describe the open Cloud Network Engineer position at your company. They can evaluate whether or not they are capable of carrying out the duties, increasing your company's chances of attracting top talent in the field of cloud network engineering. An ideal candidate for the role of cloud network engineer would have experience in delivering and managing cloud services and integrations.

Anyone considering a career as a cloud network engineer will also benefit from learning more about the typical tasks associated with this role.

Updated on: 13-Apr-2023


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