Cloud Computing Salary: Trends and Predictions

Cloud computing is the technique of accessing and storing data on remote servers as opposed to hard drives or other traditional storage systems. The cloud service provider offers several services through the internet to increase, maintain, generate, or destroy data from cloud servers. It makes local servers or specialized IT infrastructure less necessary and lets businesses and individuals handle their data independently.

To define cloud computing completely, its wide varieties must be mentioned. The three types of cloud computing are private, public, and hybrid clouds. A recent development in cloud computing is called multicloud.

Several jobs are referred to as "cloud engineers," including −

  • A cloud architecture expert.

  • A cloud software engineer.

  • Engineer for cloud security.

  • A cloud-based systems engineer.

  • A network engineer in charge of the cloud.

Companies that seek to install cloud services, scale up their usage of cloud resources, or advance their cloud expertise and technology frequently recruit cloud engineers.

Salary Trends of Cloud Computing

There are different kinds of salaries reported for different cloud specialist engineers.

The database cloud administrators are using data in the cloud. These experts manage databases on the cloud and assist companies in implementing cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), which cloud computing makes possible. People in this position interact directly with corporate executives, managers, and clients to determine the best methods to use data to address business issues. The average salary of Cloud Database Administrators in India is ₹521,620 / year.

Cloud systems architects develop deep into an organization's present computer systems, protocols, and processes to build solutions that would enable it to adapt to changing circumstances efficiently. As a result, businesses must use the services of computer systems analysts to help them implement cloud computing. Computer systems analysts in India make an average of ₹312,786 a year.

A network/cloud engineer's duties include planning, implementing, and overseeing the ongoing support and upkeep of networks and cloud services. They are also entrusted with selecting the top cloud service providers and expanding cloud offerings to meet expanding corporate requirements. To do these responsibilities, the applicant must be skilled in networking, cloud hardware, and software. The typical annual compensation for a cloud network engineer in India is ₹7,12,432 per year.


The experience of a Cloud Engineer matters when deciding the factors of salary. Your pay increases as a cloud engineer go up the corporate ladder. The likelihood that you will get a sizable salary raise increases with how well-run the business you work for is. A cloud engineer with 0-3 years of experience will earn a salary of ₹12,41,123 per annum. The salary of a cloud engineer having 4-6 years of experience will be ₹18,45,827 – ₹19,01,389.

India's IT hotspots include Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, and Karnataka. The need for cloud engineers may differ by region; hence the pay for these professionals varies geographically. In Karnataka, the average salary is ₹9,13,087 per annum. The salary in Maharashtra is ₹7,20,119, and in Tamil Nadu, it is ₹4,27,000. The salary range for the cloud computing industry is ₹8,20,543 to ₹1,228,902.

These factors are responsible for predicting the salary growth for a cloud computing engineer.

Final Words

Without question, cloud developers have a promising future. The need for cloud engineers will only increase over time. Over 1 million people work in cloud computing globally, which is only anticipated to rise in the upcoming years.

There is a significant demand for cloud computing, which indicates that this service requires professional people. These salaries are projected to increase over the next few years as demand for cloud services grows. The time is now if you are considering pursuing a career in cloud computing. In this fast-expanding area, you may have a steady career and earn a good wage with the right skills and expertise.

Updated on: 14-Oct-2022


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