Careers in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR is where artificial objects are simulated in the real world and incorporates or merges the information as part of the live view. The technology functions by enhancing a person’s concept of reality by overlaying the information over their view and merging it together. This perspective gives information and data of the object/scene viewed and in some cases, lets you manipulate the projected image to suit our needs.

AR enhances the real environment whereas, VR creates a new environment altogether.

A fragment of Augment Reality was seen with the release of Google Glass, the world saw a glimpse of the world that lets you scan the view and provide information alongside the regular perspective of the viewer. Significant changes have been made to limit the number of apparatus required to use this technology and this hardware is in the forms of Display, either head-mounted, or eyeglasses, contact lenses, handheld devices, etc. CastAR, Moverio BT -200, Meta, Vuzix M-100, Laster SeeThru, Icis, ORA-S, GlassUp, AtheerOne, and K-Glass are some of the most popular appliances gizmos that let you as much as overlay and manipulate the projected information onto the physical world.

Careers in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, with its synergy and interaction can aid a lot of sectors for the only reason that it is practical and interactive with its overlaid display and information, also making it easier to work with.

Software Engineer, 3D Professional, Augment Reality Developer, 3D game developer, Unity Developer, Technical Architect AR, Consultant AR, AR designer etc. are some of the jobs in AR.

Facilitating Education and Knowledge

Visually, anything explained is better understood. One advantage AR has over VR is, the information is seen on actual things rather than a projected, virtual view. It is all about layering the data and to manipulate, it is a more practical way to impart education. Museums, art exhibits and even artists are using AR to improve the viewers’ experience. And the convenience of apps and software can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets and computer screens or virtual projection.

Augmented reality developers have already been working on this side of the entertainment for quite some time now and AR designers are using creative ways to make learning and art more appealing and memorable.

Industrial Maintenance

Companies use this technology to better inspect the progress and results before completion. Riding the paperwork, layouts and replacing with cameras and software saves much more time and energy, hence increasing productivity and in turn influencing work behavior.

Engineers and architects combine forces with AR engineers and programmers to visually assemble the right information and technology that can help their firm and productivity.


To be able to view the defect and solve the problem and in a shorter period of time will be much more welcome in this field. Surgeries that require additional information for surgeons is displayed and this can reduce human error by a large margin. Infrared viewer and other ways to study the human body are being utilized and a technology that can merge X-rays and medical reports and information on how to cure health problems will be ground-breaking.

This sector requires specialized and expert players in the AR field that have some knowledge from the medical world so as to avoid error and mistakes. Hospitals are being approached with businesses that can provide customized and professional solutions to matters they face every day. It is a big change in this industry but efforts are being made constantly to improve the functions and reliability of these machines.

Navigation and Task Support

Whether it is GPS based programs or location information that can be displayed on the windscreen. Keeping in mind, the hazards and without obstructing the view of the driver, rider or passenger; urban exploration is also a sector.

Augmented Reality has been used for quite some time now and in any sort of vehicle. Being able to hold up a screen out the window and getting necessary information is also something users are keen on. There are multiple ways AR can be used in these fields and progress is made with every passing day.

AR professionals are tying up with car companies, travel businesses and social firms that can use this industrial science to their best advantage.

Entertainment, Marketing and Social Media

Pokemon Go was the latest example that used Augmented Reality to its advantage, followed by many others. Shopping experience and virtual trial rooms are improving day by day so that the sellers and marketers can give the customer a whole experience without having to physically do a lot. Decorating your home virtually, stimulating brand recognition and memorability, trying on different makeup and clothes, being virtually present at the game, enjoying TV and videos to the maximum potential and being able to point the screen at an object or person and obtaining information and establishing communication is the future we are looking at and marketing agencies, Social AR software engineers and AR techies and the entertainment industry are working together for it to be possible soon.

Every sector, looking to use Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality in its firm has to introduce changes right from the Marketing and Sales Department, through the Software Engineers, IT professionals, to Vision Engineers – backend and operations, Vision programmer, Research Engineer, Software developer, AR/VR Designer, to project manager and tech support. All roles, combined with the information and expertise of Augmented or Virtual knowledge can work in any field.

Updated on: 20-Jan-2020


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