Careers as a Freelance Trainer

People who are frustrated and whose morale is down, due to their work environment. They tend to resign their nine to five job and prefer to be a freelancer. Yes, freelancing, for many it has become a viable alternative to a regular job.

One has to remember like all career changes, freelancing involves risk, but if you are ready to accept the risk, the rewards are huge. In this article, I will brief you, about varied benefits which a freelancer trainer enjoys and what are the varied skills, which one needs to acquire or develop.

Benefits of becoming a Freelance Trainer

You can develop as well as refine your skills

By helping others to develop their skills, you tend to develop your own skills. That’s not all, you get an opportunity to get into the other person shoes. It can be much more refreshing, because you will be using all your knowledge and experience to improve others.

You can be better Communicator

When you are into training, you get an added advantage that is, you tend to develop interpersonal skills which can be helpful in all aspects of your career.

You will feel more Engaged in your Career

Both training as well as mentor-ship help create psycho-social support, it also offers increased sense of competence. Thus when you become a trainer irrespective whether you are freelancer or you opt for regular job, you will feel an increased sense of competence.

Check what awaits you, when you chose your career path as freelance trainer


When you become a freelance trainer, you will have the freedom to choose the clients you wish to work with and the types of projects which you prefer to work, especially if your

Hands are full. Another advantage is, if your hands are full, you can drop the high maintenance clients or slow paying clients or you can turn down less interesting projects as per your will. That’s not all, you will also enjoy the freedom to choose who you would like to work with and you can work wherever you wish, in your living room, on your bed or in a coffee shop or in the park.


Freelancers are highly autonomous, when you start owning a business, you generally do not require answering to anyone and you will be free to operate on your own terms, at your own hours and at the rates you establish. Thus, you can finish early in order to watch a football match, you can take off even if it is not a weekend with your friends or you can extend your Christmas break.

Work-life Balance

When you opt for freelancing, you can have better work-life balance. You will be able to spend more time with your kids, friends and even your pet. What’s more, you can steal more moments to relax and do the things, which you enjoy. You need not get in traffic jams while commuting to office neither you require to queue up in the morning for the train tickets.

Less expenses, higher Salary

If you have a feeling that you are earning enough each hour, you can change your charge for each project as well as change your hourly rate, thus, no more asking your boss for a hike in your salary. As a freelancer, you will be able to save more because you will no more incur travel costs, daily bought lunches, smart work clothes, as a freelancer you tend to save a lot of money.

You can learn every aspect of running your own business. When you become freelancer trainer you will learn how to manage money and learn how to keep your financial paperwork. You will also don a hat of an administrator, salesperson, project manager or book keeper. Initially, learning these skills you may face difficulty, but once you acquire those skills, it will be a great addition to your portfolio.

What are the Skills required to become Freelance trainer?

Strong Communication and interpersonal skills − One must remember, whether they conduct training programs or not, it is essential, the Freelancer trainer must be highly efficient in all types of communication.

Continuous learning is continuous expansion of skills − The best learners are best teachers. Their passion to learn reflects in the quality of teaching.

Innovative thinking − Keep things interesting and entertaining for your students. You need to push the boundaries of creativity and include newer forms of technology.

Free Trainer – Where do you get work?

In the initial stage, 80% of the work you receive may be from one client, but in a year or two, you should aim that no more than 30 % of your turnover should be from one client or an associate group.

Is Freelance really for you?

If you are an extrovert and get energy from others, then you should be careful, as to how you will get energy, it is comparatively easy to sit at one place, surf, blog but definitely it is not that easy to generate income.

Deciding on a trading name − This is significant, it needs to reflect your proposition and values.

Decide on a specialism − The more you specialize the easier it is to sell.

Hire an accountant − They will help you save more.

Get a brand or logo developed − it will help you to have an online presence

Day rate − One should decide a day rate and then stick to it, also, one should ensure you develop a business model and ensure that your business is sustainable.

Have terms & conditions − You should stick to them and you should charge for the cancelled dates. Both existing as well as potential customers should have a clear understanding about your business policies.

Website − You should have a web site, it is beneficial, we find more and more people are hiring freelance trainers from web.

Build Network − Network with people you know and you should ask your network to refer, you to those who would benefit from your offer.

Understand what is your offer and others cannot do. How well you can articulate it.

The above position is challenging and only those who are best prepared and are able to connect would be ones that will survive. Best of luck for all those who wish to take this challenging position.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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