Preview into eCommerce Careers

Do you wish to have a unique mix of business as well as marketing career? If yes, then you look no further! The right career path for you is the eCommerce Industry.

In the modern age, eCommerce partners are fast growing companies, they are ready to transform the future of online business. The above companies are in the quest to search for fresh ideas to build on and achieve success. These companies are always on the lookout for those individuals who are innovative thinkers, coming from a diverse background, they should be adaptable, energetic and collaborative.

Career at a Glance

eCommerce offers numerous independent career options; few of them, include Computer system analyst, web developer and market research analyst.

Advantages of eCommerce

  • One can easily participate in eCommerce by purchasing good’s or services online.

  • Customers by opting for eCommerce enjoy convenience; they can make purchases 24 hours a day, seven days week.

  • Selection − Numerous stores provide a wide array of products, which can be purchased online rather than visiting brick and mortar counterparts. Those stores which sell its products or services exclusively online they provide more convenience and more choice.

eCommerce Job Options

All those individuals, who specialize in eCommerce, they can translate a brick and mortar sales environment to online sales. In other words, you are a game changer; you can transform traditional sales into online sales. But you must know more than mere computer basics. You can also opt to apply for varied positions in varied fields and different industries.

Below, you can find a list of positions for which you can apply. They include –

  • Content manager
  • Creative & Design
  • Branding & Marketing strategy
  • Analytics
  • Product development
  • Business Analysis
  • Program Manager
  • Finance & Payments
  • Supply Chain: Logistics & fulfillment, Warehouse & inventory management and returns.

Types of eCommerce Degrees

  • All those students who get enrolled in these programs are supposed to have an understanding of business, marketing, and management with an introduction to computer fundamentals which includes software, hardware and trade technology. You can also learn the principles of internet marketing strategies, profit projections, transaction security for eCommerce ventures.

  • Having a degree in eCommerce would help acquire significant skills. They can easily be a valuable part of varied esteem teams such as project planning, marketing, programming within this new way of doing business.

  • An undergraduate certificate in eCommerce management helps non-IT managers, project team members as well as other employees working on eCommerce projects to upgrade their skills, develop their practical knowledge essential to organize the eCommerce effort within the organization.

Duties, one could perform, when they undertake the role of an e-commerce

As a Market Research Analyst

E-commerce analysts must leverage information technology knowledge. Business and marketing knowledge to assist their organization to implement and maintain a successful eCommerce website. Their job is to evaluate both businesses as well as user needs and convey them to the design team for implementation. You can also evaluate the Search engine optimization effectiveness by analyzing the statistics of the company’s website. Other duties include collaborating with advertisers, monitoring the competitors and performing trend analysis.

Other Possible Responsibilities

  • Project execution should be on time and within the budget

  • Customer Satisfaction should be maximum

  • Customer related activities and management of complex projects

  • Maintenance of those project documentation which are customer specific and which includes coordination of documents having accounting and production.

  • Closely work with development and project management to translate requirements into cutting edge products as well as functionalities which offer maximum value to their clients.

The following are some of the majors in eCommerce Industry in India.

  • Ticketing/Traveling − MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Yatra, and Thrillophillia etc.

  • Retail (R) and Marketplace (M) − Snapdeal,(M) Shoppers stop(R), Flipkart (M),Big Basket(R).

  • Classified portals − and

  • Hyperlocals − PepperTap, Swiggy, and Grofers

Career Path for an eCommerce Professional

The eCommerce has opened up with numerous opportunities across the spectrum of skills. The career paths have been evolved around three areas.

Creative − Feel & product look, market, customer experience, and branding etc.

Operations − Supply Chain, Category management, logistics, inventory & logistics etc.

Auxiliary areas − Legal, HR, Finance and payment etc.

Benefits of eCommerce Careers

  • eCommerce does have fantastic growth outlook, especially long term − The total market today is very huge, more than $1 Trillion and it is predicted to grow each year nearing to 17%. We find online selling is well established in countries like US, but there exist immense growth opportunities left in different emerging markets of the world. India is now one of the biggest emerging markets in the whole world.

  • Even though, Mobile commerce is only a few years old and is already capturing about 20% of the eCommerce sales.

  • eCommerce does teach you to think like a General Manager − Those who pursue eCommerce career, they get exposed to supply chain, product marketing, pricing, customer acquisition, cross-selling, profit management and pricing.

  • eCommerce encourages a feel for customers − True, eCommerce encourages a deep appreciation for the value of Customer Experience and Brand Experience. It also forces you, to take a customer-centered view of the world.

  • eCommerce accelerates your learning curve by offering you an access to real time results data − Most companies have lost the art of testing. The eCommerce offers you the chance to perform numerous testing and you will receive a report card back from the customer each day if not each minute.

eCommerce might offer a difference in your life, not just your day job − eCommerce can help you raise money for your favorite charity or it can help promote your brand.

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Sharon Christine

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