Business Case Writing


The objective of a business case or proposal is to identify the requirements of an organization and propose strategies to meet them. It is also used to evaluate results to get optimal success. A business case is document that is written to convince a decision maker to approve the action suggested in the case.

Business Case Format

A business case normally includes the following elements −

  • Business Case Title − the Topic of proposal

  • Executive Summary − description of the proposal

  • Current Process − the procedures currently in operation

  • Reason to Change − profits that will be brought by the changes

  • Risks − factors that company needs to watch out for

Business Case Writing
  • Options − any alternative procedures that can be implemented

  • Option Comparison − Risk vs. Profit analyses of all options

  • Recommendation − the final option to implement, after changes

  • Action − the necessary steps to implement the changes

  • Approval Requested − what actions need approval from whom

Example - Business Case Writing

Letter head

Feedback on Interior Décor by Hasta La Vista

Executive Summary:

We have handed over the task of renovating the interior of our office to Hasta La Vista, a reputed Hyderabad-based interior décor organization.

Current Process

We are currently paying Hasta La Vista an hourly remuneration of INR 22,000 for their 350-hour interior décor Business. This includes five hours of decorating and redesigning the office premises. Days of operation are seven days a week, and hours of operation are the five hours between 11:00AM and 4:00PM.

Reason to Change:

Output not according to client’s requirements. Excessive décor materials used and plenty wasted.

Risks − new décor designer might reinstall previous state and undo all renovations.

Options − Asking the new décor company to continue designing from the same template and not enforcing a new design.

Option Comparison − Loss in enthusiasm of new company might lead to drop in productivity but fixed monthly compensation and more number of daily hours would balance productivity.

Recommendation − Terminate contract with Hasta La Vista. Contact Rye’s Décor.

Action − Call representatives and technicians of Rye’ Décor and let them inspect premises and submit a final report with assessment.

Approval Requested:

  • Calling Rye’s Décor- approval needed from HR, Admin

  • Meeting Rye’s Décor representatives- approval needed from the MD

  • Finalizing quotation for the renovation- approval needed from HR, Accounts.