Bulma - Elements



Bulma provides different types of elements such as box element which can be used as container, button element, image container to specify the image, table element etc.

The following table lists down variations of elements which you can use to utilize the Bulma CSS −

S.No. Form Types & Description
1 Button

A button element provide user interaction with custom button styles.

2 Content

Bulma provides content class to use HTML tags directly.

3 Box and Icon

The .box class defines a container including a border, radius and padding.

4 Image

Bulma uses .image class to display the images in the page.

5 Notification and Progress bars

Bulma specifies predefined alert messages to display the notification.

6 Table

Bulma wraps the elements for displaying data in tabular format.

7 Tag and Title

Bulma provides small labels called tags to display the additional information.