Bulma - Form



The Bulma form element specifies user input data by using input elements (such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more) and send it to a server for processing the data.

The following table lists down variations of forms which you can use to utilize the Bulma CSS −

S.No. Form Types & Description
1 Form controls

Bulma contains different types of form control classes for creating variety of forms.

2 Input

Bulma provides input field for entering user data along with different types of variations.

3 Textarea

Bulma textarea is used when you need multiple lines of input.

4 Select

Bulma select is used when you want to allow the user to pick from multiple options.

5 Checkbox and Radio

The checkboxes and radio buttons can be used when you want users to choose from a list of preset options.

6 File

It is used to upload the files from user data.