Bulma - Overview



Bulma is a light weight, modern CSS framework, which depends on flexbox module (it is used for developing responsive layout structure and fancy designs).

The overview of Bulma includes getting started with Bulma, responsiveness (you can view the web pages on different devices such as desktops, tablets, and phones), colors, functions to define colors and values, and mixins (group of CSS properties that allow you to use properties of one class for another class) in the Bulma.

The following table lists down different types of utilities which you can use to utilize the Bulma CSS −

S.No. Utility & Description
1 Getting started with Bulma

You can start with Bulma by using one css file.

2 Responsiveness and Colors

It is mobile friendly development, which can be combined with large, small, and medium devices.

3 Functions and Mixins

Bulma uses some functions and mixins to define values and elements respectively.