Brihadeeswara Temple - How to Reach?

Brihadeeswara Temple is located in Thanjavur which is connected to many cities through road and rail network. Thanjavur does not have airport but tourists can reach Tiruchirapalli by air and then catch a taxi, bus or train to reach Thanjavur.

Brihadeeswara Temple Map

Distance of some of the nearby cities from Thanjavur is as follows −

  • Thanjavur to Tiruchirapalli

    • By rail – 50km

    • By road – 59km

  • Thanjavur to Chennai

    • By rail – 326km

    • By road – 341km

  • Thanjavur to Madurai

    • By rail – 210km

    • By road – 195km

  • Thanjavur to Tuticorin

    • By rail – 334km to 365km (depends on the route taken by train)

    • By road – 333km

  • Thanjavur to Rameshwaram

    • By rail – 314km

    • By road – 237km

  • Thanjavur to Tirupati

    • By rail – 452km

    • By road – 414km

By Air

Thanjavur does not have airport but the nearest airport is Tiruchirapalli from where flights to Indian and foreign cities can be caught. People who arrive at Tiruchirapalli can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Thanjavur.

By Train

Thanjavur is connected to nearby places through railways but there are very few long distance trains. Superfast and fast mail and express trains along with Jan Shatabdi have stoppages here. For long distance trains, tourists can go to Tiruchirapalli where many long distance trains arrive.

By Train Brihadeeswara Temple

By Road

Thanjavur is well-connected to many cities of Tamil Nadu by road. National highways that pass through the city are NH 67, NH 45C, and NH 226. These highways connect the city to Tiruchirapalli, Coimbatore, Pudukottai and many more.

By Road Brihadeeswara Temple

The bus stations in the city are new bus stand, old bus stand, and Tiruvaiyaru bus stand.