Bridge(Local Internetworking Devices)

Nowadays network is very important for communication between computers. There are many types when the computer is connected to the network which means that it can share the resources in the network, and within the network, there are many computers attached utilizing any topology. Communication can be happened within the network by mail or messaging between ends and within the network sharing of devices and files etc.

Several devices are used within the network to accomplish the tasks easily which bridge is the one device it will act as the bridge for two networks. Or we can also say that it acts as a separator to separate the networks. Through the bridges transmission of data can be done securely between two devices that may exist in a network or different networks.


The bridge is a device used in the network to divide the network into sections and also connects the two local area networks. Connecting the networks makes the network connection large. A bridge is placed in the data link layer in the OSI model, it forwards the data packets by checking the MAC address of it.

From the word, a bridge can understand that it will act as a bridge for networks. Within a single network number of devices are connected and communication happened between devices through bridges in such a manner that a computer in one LAN may send the packet that will reach the bridge first then it checks for the MAC address and redirects the packet to the corresponding address that might be in same LAN where packets come from or in other lines, where both are connected utilizing a bridge.

Bridges may reduce the traffic by forwarding the packets one by one to the correct address and also chances for collisions get reduced because packets are supervised by the bridge. It will act as a communication tool between networks that are connected through the same protocol.

Working of Bridge

A bridge acts as a communication tool between networks. The flow of communication starts as a data packet that will send by the device from the network called A, consider a bridge connecting two networks called A and B. Once the packet came from network A, that will be taken by the bridge first, and examines the packet that is MAC address, and it crosschecks with the database to know whether to transmit or remove.

It decides that if the packet’s MAC address specifies the home network address then the bridge transmits the packet to the corresponding node in the home network and discards the packet. If the packet has an address that specifies the node in another connected network other than the home network, then the bridge will forward the packet to that node in the connected network. If the packet’s MAC address is not identified by the bridge in any of the connected networks then it broadcast the packet to every node in both connected networks. Checking each packet’s MAC address prevents a miscarriage of packets by any chance. It will support both wired and wireless and it should be transparent.

Within the computer network, we use bridges for many purposes to use their benefits which include the following.

  • The bridge acts as an interconnection between two networks, where communication happens between networks through the bridge only. Every network has its topology. So the operation between the network can handle by a bridge smoothly without affecting collision and traffic problems.

  • Bridges not only connect the two different networks it can support multiple networks. This makes the nodes can communicate even though they are far from each other.

  • From network to network there existence of multiple paths through a bridge. This is because when for any reason if any path may block then the transmission can happen with the available paths.

  • Its range is extended from wireless to wired networks.

  • Bridges will divide the network into sections, this will make communication becomes easy and no existence of collisions. We can see the bridge that will perform acts as a link between networks and also separate which separates the network.


  • Bridge installation is quite easy, anyone with minimal network knowledge can do this because of having fewer configurations.

  • The bridge will improve its performance by reducing collisions.

  • It prevents unauthorized access, by observing every packet’s MAC address it allows only genuine packets only. If it is identified the packet is not secure discard it.

  • It supports multiple networks with a high capacity of nodes.

  • It makes the transmission of data easy.


  • The performance will decrease when it connects between large networks with many sections and with many nodes.

  • It is very costly compared to other devices.

  • When compared to the other network devices it has limited functionality.

  • If the issue occurs with the node in the network that doesn’t impact the performance, but if the issue occurs with the bridge then it will automatically affect the performance. It should be replaceable.


To provide better communication the bridge will play a vital role, it securely transmits the data and prevents unauthorized accessibility. It will provide better performance without losing the data. But the cost is more when compared to the other network devices.

Updated on: 04-May-2023


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