Difference between Router and Bridge

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Router and Bridge are both network connecting devices. Router works at network layer and is responsibe to find the shortest path for a packet whereas Bridge connects various devices in a network. Router connects devices across multiple networks.

Following are the important differences between Router and Bridge.

Sr. No.KeyRouterBridge
1ObjectiveRouter main objective is to connect various networks.Bridge main objective is to connect various LANs.
2LayerRouter works in Network Layer.Bridge works in Data Link Layer.
3AddressRouter scans device's IP Address.Bridge scan device's MAC Address.
4Data FormatRouter sends data in form of packets.Bridge also sends data in form of packets.
5Routing TableRouter uses routing table.Bridge do not use routing table.
6DomainRouter works on more than single broadcast domains.Bridge works on a single broadcast domain.
7PortsRouter has more than two ports.Bridge has only two ports.
Published on 26-Nov-2019 12:05:03