User, Role and Log Management

In this chapter, we shall discuss about User, Role and Log Management in Blue Prism Environment.

Step 1

Login into blue prism

Log Management

Step 2

Select system → Security →User

Log Management1

Step 3

Window will open right side we can find the new option click on it.

Log Management2

Step 4

Window will open with name as create user wizard their enter name and password.

Log Management3

Step 5

Click next button and a window will open give the password duration and assign the role.

Log Management4

Step 6

We gave permission to access development then click finish.

Permission to Access Development

Permission to Access Development1

Now logout form the admin user and then login with user which we created.

Login with New ID

We can observe that access home and studio because gave permission to access the development only.

Access Home and Studio