Big Data in 5G Mobile Cloud

We live in an age where data is everything. Big data, 5G, and mobile cloud are competitive technologies. The popularity of 5g communication allowed mobile technology to see a good time. By implementing these technologies, businesses can see exponential growth through cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Before getting into big data, let's see 5G and mobile cloud. 4G wireless network is successfully adopted by the public and connected humans to create a network of devices. However, 5G technology is specially designed to connect everything from humans to machines. It made communication faster and more reliable. The data we collect through 5G networks is also huge.

5G in Mobile Cloud

The main motto of wireless 5G technology is to improve the network’s speed, enhancing mobile cloud utility. According to a survey, in 2023, the count of 5G users will rise to 1 billion, which drives twenty percent of mobile users.

If the question of mobile cloud arises, mobile technology is designed to transmit data among devices without any physical wire or link. So, if we can integrate the cloud into mobile technology, we can access the boundless cloud advantages directly through smartphones.

Mobile cloud provides us with various advantages like the accessibility of heavy applications through smartphones, running IoT devices of smart systems through mobile devices, and encouraging automation everywhere. As we have already achieved greater heights through the current mobile cloud, 5G in the mobile cloud will bring new opportunities for wireless networks in the cloud. It even improves the speed of communication and overcomes various existing limits.

Big Data in General

Big data technology is in the tech world to collect, pre-process, and analyze data. The primary goal of big data is to deal with data in complex data structures. The main features of big data are size, speed, data structure handling, and analysis. Size refers to the amount of data in a measure like Gigabytes or Zettabytes, which are huge and can be stored and handled by big data. Hadoop, Cassandra, and Hunk are the few big data storage technologies. Big data enables optimized decision-making and real-time data handling.

Big Data in 5G Mobile Cloud Impact on Businesses

Mobile cloud will significantly impact every aspect of applications run on 5G. As it has a substantial portion on various real-time applications, let's see how big data is indulged in them.

E-commerce − Electronic commerce is selling and buying things, online payments, and data sharing through a wireless network. The two key points to focus on are data sharing and wireless networks. 5G wireless network has improved through the accessibility of e-commerce businesses through mobile applications.

The e-commerce applications built on the mobile cloud enhance customer experience and accessibility and cut operational costs which help e-commerce businesses attract users with competitive product prices.

Healthcare − The healthcare industry requires many resources and computational methods to store and maintain the data produced. Data access within the organization's premises and outside is necessary on a role basis. The mobile cloud that runs on 5G provides efficient access to the data, and data management can be achieved by indulging big data in it. The advancement in these technologies can also reduce operational costs in healthcare.

Smart City & homes − The integration of smart homes contributing to the major portion of smart cities has shown rapid advancements in adopting the technology by the public. Smart devices achieve their primary functionalities by communicating through wireless networks. These devices got succeeded as they can be accessed and controlled by smartphones. So, the mobile cloud is an advantage in this case. The massive data received by smartphones through IoT-connected devices can be easily controlled by big data analytics in cloud-enabled mobile devices.

Banking − Online payments and net banking has been popular trend for the past 10 years and have been widely used at every home in the past five years. Mobile applications like Google Pay, Phone Pe, and net banking apps are in public use for frequent transactions. These applications produce massive data regularly, which needs to be processed. Here comes the involvement of big data. Integrating big data will be efficient if banking applications run on the mobile cloud through 5G wireless technology.


Technologies alone have already indulged in our daily lives, from smartphones to smart devices at home. But as the user or customer expectations and demands have increased, the need to advance current technologies is the urge. So, various technologies complement each other to build new advancements.

While merging various technologies like big data and mobile cloud on 5G combined significantly impacted the public and businesses. The big data analysis on the information received through mobile devices helped to make powerful decisions to customize the user experience and improve businesses.