Best Words to Use in a Resume!!

Recruiters don’t simply want to know what you think about yourself; they want to see results. For instance when you called yourself “hard-working,” prove it by backing up that claim with some data.

If you want to capture recruiter’s attention, you’ll need a well-written and well-organized resume that clearly illustrates your qualifications. Optimize your resume with precise words that will properly showcase your strengths, experience, and skills so that recruiters will see your true value.

Include the words and phrases that explain specifically what you accomplished at your previous jobs. Not only focusing on your previous duties to capture your relevant experience, focus on what you’ve been able to achieve using your relevant skills.

By focusing on the skills, results, and accomplishments that are most related to the job for which you’re applying, you’ll be able to get your resume a closer look from the recruiter.

Subjective terms and clichés are seen as negative because they don’t convey real information. For instance, don’t write you are ‘results-driven;’ show the employer your actual results.

Use Action Words to describe your Value

Hiring managers prefer strong action words in resumes that can be used to define specific experience, skills, and accomplishments. However, action wording does not drive the full effect unless you prove your skills with concrete examples. Another important thing to consider is to relate how your past experiences would benefit the target company. An example of some action words is − Enriches, Galvanizes, Upgrades, Fortifies, Generates etc.

Use Certain Phrases to Highlight your Skills

Depending on where your strengths are you’ll want to use certain phrases throughout your resume to show them off. Certain words are clear triggers for showing you have specific skills. Here are a few examples of key phrases that will help set an overall theme to your resume while highlighting where your strengths are.

To Showcase your Communication Skills

  • Provides constructive feedback
  • Speaks confidently in public settings
  • Listens attentively
  • Negotiates situations effectively

To Showcase your Personal Skills

  • Motivate others
  • Delegates tasks effectively
  • Provides well thought out solutions
  • Welcomes responsibility

To show your organization skills

  • Sets organization goals
  • Strong planning skills
  • Executes multiple tasks at once

To Show your Research/planning Skills

  • Accurately forecasts outcomes
  • Identifies and allocates resources appropriately
  • Identifies problems and develop solutions.
  • Gathers information and assess current situations

According to Recruiters Survey, these are best words to include in your resume that help you refocus your resume on what truly matters −

  • Achieved − 52%
  • Improved − 48%
  • Trained/Mentored − 47%
  • Managed − 44%
  • Created − 43%
  • Resolved − 40%
  • Volunteered − 35%
  • Influenced − 29%
  • Increased/Decreased − 28%
  • Ideas − 27%
  • Negotiated − 25%
  • Launched − 24%
  • Revenue/Profits − 23%
  • Under budget − 16%
  • Won − 13%

“Highlight your accomplishments and sell just how important your skills have been. Focus on what you think will cause hiring managers to stop and take a second look at your name”.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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