BBC is Reinventing iPlayer to contend With Netflix and Amazon

In today’s fast paced life, we hardly get enough time to relax at our home to watch our favorite shows on television. Forget about the weekdays, even many of us are occupied on weekends too as there are some works always left for those days. Also, a lot of time we normally spend in traveling from one place to another in order to complete those works. And due to those busy schedules, the fun elements are missing somewhere; and we are compelled to live in a dull and monotonic life without the basic entertainments that we deserve.

Not to worry, the technology has been evolved over the years so immensely that you can have all the entrainment on the go without missing your favorite TV series or the blockbuster movies.

There are internet streaming services from the leading players in the market that can provide you the daily dose of entertainment which can be watched on your phone, laptop, or any other such portable devices on the go without stopping your work.

You have the freedom to leave your living room without leaving your favorite shows. There are some exceptionally great streaming applications available in the market to satisfy all your entertainment needs. And the good news is that the leading media house BBC is reinventing its existing iPlayer not just to compete with the video on demand giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but also aiming to be number one online TV service provider in the UK by 2020. Let us see what is in store for you in the upcoming revamped iPlayer.

BBC Reinventing iPlayer

BBC is planning to take up its iPlayer to a next level from the existing catch-up service mode. Instead of the on demand broadcasted shows, you will be going to watch the brand new shows exclusively launch for iPlayer. Let us see what BBC is planning to offer in its upcoming iPlayer.

It will be more into personalization; the focus would be on the user’s preference. Based on the user’s usage pattern and the machine learning algorithm, the application will show the contents

  • Soon you will be required to sign-in to the iPlayer to view the contents. A user sign in is required for all iPlayer services, a much-required step towards personalization. Another interesting thing, according to various media reports, BBC is planning to introduce mood based classification in its upcoming iPlayer

The mood-based classification feature of iPlayer will ask you the kind of shows you want to view. And based on your answer it will suggest you the related shows, be it happy, sad, comedy or whatever you want according to your mood or interest

As per media reports, they are further planning to release exclusive contents only for iPlayer. Be it new programs, drama, comedy or entertainment shows, iPlayer will be the first place to view all the brand new releases

There may be some other new features that will come with the iPlayer to provide you the ultimate entertainment as the media house is determined to make it a number one online TV service provider in the UK by 2020. For the people who do not want to be interrupted with the advertisements in between their favorite show, the existing iPlayer is providing no advertisements viewing facility to its UK based viewers. But for the users residing outside of UK are still receive the advertisements during their favorite shows.

While BBC is trying hard to boost its existing iPlayer with some great features, the real test will be to sustain and grow in the market against the other giants in the same platform such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video services. But as a user, you have multiple options to choose from the existing internet streaming service providers. Let us discuss the two big players in this zone- Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

Netflix the Competitor

Netflix is an American company founded in the year 1997 to provide DVD rental by mail services. Later it expanded its wings into film and television production, as well as online distribution, and now it is a renowned name in the internet streaming and video on demand service providers. It has more than 98 million subscribers worldwide. Let us discuss some of the great features of this popular service provider.

  • It has huge international presence spread across the globe. There are around 190 countries where you can avail the service of Netflix
  • You can view the original contents through its online archives of films and television. Last year there are around 126 original series or films released on Netflix which is a record in itself, more than any other network or cable channel
  • It is available on multiple platforms; you can get your dose of entertainment on multiple devices such as PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablets, Smart TV and other media players
  • You can watch unlimited contents anywhere on your internet connected device without any commercial advertisements
  • It supports almost all the latest popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Netflix has already created a name in the market having a presence across the globe. Amazon Prime Video is another notable player in the market as the brand Amazon associated with it.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another popular internet streaming service provider having the presence in almost across the globe except for few countries. Started as Amazon Unbox in the year 2006 in the United States, the Amazon Prime Video is popular among many households worldwide. Let us see some of its notable features.

  • You can download your favorite movies and TV shows anytime anywhere on multiple devices over the Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • As it presence in multiple countries, it contains local movies and TV shows for the local customers. You can watch your regional movies and shows on Netflix
  • You can also see the IMDB rating score before viewing a movie or songs that help you to choose the best one without wasting your time
  • Once you sign-up as a prime member, you have the access to its huge library of movies and TV shows that you can enjoy without any hassle. You can also enjoy streaming of your favorite channels as per your subscriptions

There are many other features that helping the organization to increase its popularity. Both the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the strong contenders for the iPlayer. BBC is focusing more on personalization, which can be a good feature but there also other value added features that can compete with the other players in the market.

Finally, for the BBC’s iPlayer it is not an easy going as there are already established internet streaming service providers such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are available in the market enjoying a big share of the business. Although, the BBC is primarily focusing on being the number one online TV service provider in the UK by 2020, there are other users outside of UK also keenly waiting to see the reinvented iPlayer once it is available to them.

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