Bands in Radio frequency Spectrum in C program

Radio frequency (RF) is the oscillation of an A.C. current or an A.C. voltage or any other oscillating body in the frequency range of 20KHz to 300 GHz.

Radio frequency spectrum of a device is the frequency range that the device can capture, process or repercate. Generally the frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz.

A band is a frequency range that is divided from very low frequency to extremely high frequency. These bands are small ranges of frequency that are used to provide small parts of the spectrum.

Bands In Radio Frequency Spectrum

Frequency Range is range of continuous that has an upper limit of the frequency. In radio frequency spectrum, there are multiple frequency ranges which are different from another.

In Radio frequency spectrum, the below ranges are defined based on their frequency range, application, etc.

VLF (very low frequency)3KHz to 30KHzGroundUsed in radio navigation within close range.
LF (low frequency)30KHz to 300KHzGroundUsed in radio navigation and broadcasting.
MF(medium frequency)300KHz to 3MHzSkyBroadcasting, A.M. radio
HF (high frequency)3MHz to 30MhzSkyCommunication in aircraft , ship..
VHF (very high frequency)30Mhz to 300MhzLine of sight or skyRadio navigation,T.V signal ,
UHF (Ultra high frequency)300MHz to 3000MHzLine of sightT.V. signal, cellular phone, paging satellite
SHF(Super high frequency)3GHz to 30GHzLine of sightMobile, radio navigation, space and satellite communication
EHF(extremely high frequency)30GHz to 300GHzLine of sightRadar, amateur radio, satellite and space exploration.

Each band of frequency range has its own application and medium of propagation which depends on its frequency range and nature. Basically used in communication these have found huge role in wireless communication.