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Marketing Model Through Market Sensing and Learning

Anshu Mehta

Anshu Mehta

Updated on 16-Feb-2023 17:26:35


We are in a revolutionary era where more modern methods of thinking are challenging traditional ways of thinking about economics, business, and almost every aspect of life. The days of firms and marketers having certainty about the market and consumer preferences and tastes are long gone. Instead, the market we ... Read More

Build a Great Marketing Team for Your Business

Anshu Mehta

Anshu Mehta

Updated on 16-Feb-2023 17:22:50


When you launch a new firm, you might think about working with an external marketing agency to grow and carry out a marketing plan so you can emphasize handling the business. Even though brand-building marketing businesses make great associates, having an in-house marketing team, if you can pay for one, ... Read More

Adapting Marketing to The New Economy

Anshu Mehta

Anshu Mehta

Updated on 16-Feb-2023 17:20:36


Keeping one's competitive edge. The best way to describe the level of competitiveness in business is as stiffly competitive. For business entrepreneurs, the throat-cutting rivalry is nothing new. They are constantly searching for fresh approaches to stay competitive. A business can survive and establish itself by adapting to the commercial ... Read More