Jeannine McGlade


Jeannine McGlade, M.A., has over 20 years experience consulting with many large and small organizations on topics spanning from innovation and design thinking to communication and leadership and most recently focuses on creative energy, wellness, and yoga. She is an internationally recognized thought leader on creativity and creative energy and throughout her career Jeannine has worked with organizations, leaders and individuals from around the globe. Jeannine has been interviewed on national media such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. And has authored articles for The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Readers Digest and Leader-to- Leader Journal published by F. Drucker Foundation for Non-profit Management. Jeannine’s best selling book with her co-author, Andrew Pek, Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius At Work sold over 10,000 copies worldwide and was translated into Korean. She and Pek have published several books together including an innovation toolkit, Innovate or Evaporate: A Guide to Creativity and Innovation that outlines their innovation process and the creative behaviors necessary for sustaining innovation. This toolkit is sold worldwide and used in university curricula and organizations around the globe. Her most recently published e-book is called Covid Survival Guide: 29 Tips for Finding Joy and Managing Stress During Uncertain Times and is available to download on her website, www.jeanninemcglade.com. Jeannine is currently working on a book that explores creative energy and how to stay centered and grounded by tuning into our intuition and vibrational state. One of her favorite projects, born out of a desire to help during the lockdowns of 2020, is writing and recording a podcast called 5-Minute Meditations with listeners in over 56 countries! Jeannine received her Master of Communication from Auburn University and she is an RYT-500 certified yoga instructor. Jeannine is also a life, wellness and performance coach. She lives with her family in New York and she loves to travel, learn languages, and spend as much time as possible at the beach!