Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work

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With the pace of competition, innovation, and change in today's world, creativity isn't a luxury--it's a survival skill. But even the most creative people can end up stuck, stressed out, and stale, worn down by the daily grind. 

Stimulated! is an energetic exploration of five habits that can help you release your creativity and expand your innovative thinking. The method is playful, fun, enriching, and mind-expanding, but most important, it's a step-by-step process for getting unstuck. 

With Stimulated!, you learn:

  • how to draw inspiration and fresh insights from the world around you;
  • how to make the most of your surroundings and develop an environment that will get the creative juices flowing;
  • how to turn work into play;
  • how to take the leap of faith and commit to big, bold ideas; and
  • how to reap the benefits of your success and failures to contribute to the next creative effort.

Praise for Stimulated!:

'Stuck in a rut? Stimulated! will awaken possibilities you never thought existed. Read this book and jump start your life!' --Ken Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager and Know Can Do!

'As an innovation how-to, Stimulated! is a fascinating book that is full of ways to help you unlock your creative potential.' --Neal Goldberg, President, The Children's Place

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Andrew Pek is an internationally recognized executive advisor, entrepreneur, podcaster and best selling author in the field of strategy, innovation and design thinking. He has coached and educated thousands of students, professionals and top executives throughout the world on how to start-up, grow and transform their business. Back in 2005 he co-founded DxD Partners Inc, whose mission is to build the power skills of the next generation of entrepreneurs and change agents through strategy and design thinking tools and on-line educational programming and podcasts. In addition to his award winning books, and articles in Forbes, Entrepreneur, NY times and the Chicago Tribune, Pek hosts a popular podcast called Consulting Unplugged, a no-nonsense, plain talking conversation with entrepreneurs, entertainers and executives such as Dan Pink (best selling author), David Kelley (founder of Stanford d. School and IDEO) and Jim Hackett (former CEO of Ford) their secret sauce and related tips for achieving commercial and personal success and ultimately making a difference for their communities and/or companies. In addition to writing, Andrew Pek has appeared on major news media, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Business. His work as been endorsed by Ken Blanchard, Dan Pink and Mirko Illic. Prior to DxD Partners, Andrew Pek served as the Global Director of Innovation for Pfizer Consumer Health Care and as a Partner for Accenture Consulting responsible for global change management. Andrew and his family live and work in New York.

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